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Adam Rippon 2010 Japan Open performance

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BTW, I’m starting to wonder if anyone will ever interview Jeremy without saying, “roller coaster”. I mean seriously, can we please think of a new metaphor.  

"The ligaments that connect my tailbone to my hips are so loose (from being Gumby my whole skating career) that they’re now being pulled away from my tailbone. I was bed-ridden for about two weeks, couldn’t walk. It was pretty scary for a while. As much as skating means to me, and how badly I want to be the skater that I know I can be, being able to walk in thirty years is kind of taking the top priority right now."

I feel for him and hope he recovers to compete next season. 

The link to Sarah and Drew’s blog also contains an interview with Jeremy Abbott’s sister, Gwen. 


Evan Lysacek and Nastia Liukin Skating at the Allen Community  

Ice Rink

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   Evan Lysacek, the 2010 Olympic and two-time U.S. champion, announced today he will not compete for the remainder of 2010 and will instead take time off from competition to pursue other interests.

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JUNIOR GRAND PRIX Bronze medallist Max Aaron-free program 

JUNIOR GRAN PRIX Gold medallist Andrei Rogozine-free program 

JUNIOR GRAN PRIX Gold medallist Andrei Rogozine-short program